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11 Nov 2012

The Animal Protection Association is a wonderful Southern Indiana no-kill shelter--and they're drowning in debt.



People who do good things shouldn’t be punished—they should be helped. Which is why I’m making it my personal mission to help this absolutely AMAZING local establishment that currently has a $20,000 vet bill.

The Animal Protection Association has helped countless animals in our area. Just last night, Aaron and I were going to the gas station when we came across a few people all looking concerned around a young cat. We stopped and discovered this poor animal had been hit by a car. She was hurt, but her injuries were not fatal, so long as we could get her the care she needed. We took her home in a box given to us by the gas station and kept her through the night. But we were stressing about the cost of the vet—there was no way we could afford to pay for what she needed done, but we were going to anyway if we had no other option. In the morning we decided, on a chance, to call the APA and ask if they could help. We’ve adopted animals from them before and knew they were a trusted shelter. 

The woman on the phone sounded heartbroken when she told me that just yesterday they had to put a freeze on taking in any animals or helping with vet bills. I was tearing up and giving up hope when she sighed and said, “I can’t turn away an injured cat.” My face lit up and a few hours later the poor cat we found—which we named Lucky—was taken to their clinic downtown and is now getting the care she needs. Since we can’t home her, they are also taking her into their care.

This is only one example of how amazing this selfless organization  is. They are a strictly no-kill shelter, and their cat shelter is AMAZING. No cages for the animals except some nice, large wooden pens on the walls for kittens, sick or mean cats. Otherwise their cats run around free in a small-sized house with cat furniture everywhere, along with a few outdoor pens so they can bird watch.

But the Animal Protection Association—indeed any and all animal shelters that operate on donations alone—need your help. If you live in the Louisville/Jeffersonville area, you can volunteer your time. Otherwise, if you could please, please make a donation of any kind to this loving association I am sure it would be GREATLY appreciate.

The title is a link to the Donation page of their website. You can donate to them via PayPal, but they also have an address for checks or money orders.

Please everyone—winter is coming. Cold, harsh, and unforgiving weather for a lonely cat or dog. With your help—and I believe in Tumblr—we can make the APA stronger and more fit to help even more animals.

Even if you can’t donate, PLEASE signal boost this. Their current vet debt is $20,000, and at this rate I think Lucky might’ve been REALLY Lucky, because I think she’s the last cat they might have been able to help. And they helped us so much, I want to do whatever I can to help this place and the wonderful people who run it for no profit—only the genuine happiness that comes from helping an animal that cannot help itself.



I NEVER do this, but today, I’m happy to do both.

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