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5 Dec 2012






So I finally decided to ask tumblr for help.

This lovely cat you see here is my boy Shane. Almost 6 months ago he somehow fell from something in my room and couldn’t walk anymore afterwards. So we went to the vet and a month later it was okay again. But after we thought it was over it suddenly got worse again like 2 months ago. Now they finally found out that it’s something with his nerves but they also said that it probably is too late for an expensive treatment at the animal hospital. 

The only thing wrong with him is that he isn’t able to walk anymore, but aside from that he’s a good and healthy cat and our vet said we shouldn’t turn him down as long as he is fine with it. Now the part where I need your help:

Some of you may have seen these dog wheelchairs, they are also made for cats and look like this:


He needs one of these now and there even is a slight possibility that he could learn to walk again with it and some physical therapy. They are handmade for every animal and cost around 500€/650$ and we can’t afford all of that alone. 
So I’m begging you guys to help us out. Every little donation could help my cat to live a happy life again. 

It’s the first time that I ever did something like this and it means everything to me to make my cat happy again. 

You can donate here to my paypal: 

Also I’m tagging this as Steam Powered Giraffe because it’s the only fandom I’m in and you guys have done so much for each other already so maybe you could help a fellow fan out. 

Thank you in advance


signal boost, help this cutie pie pls



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