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18 Dec 2012

juan less lonely blog: the silmarillion movies aren’t gonna happenpeter jackson wants it...


the silmarillion movies aren’t gonna happen

peter jackson wants it like i want to get laid right now

(that’s a whole fucking lot)

but the tolkien estate has 000000% interest in giving him any rights to the silmarillion which they still own

and i’m pretty sure they have even LESS interest in doing so considering christopher tolkien said that jackson “eviscerated the book by making it” into “an action movie for young people aged 15 to 25” when it came to the LOTR movies

so you know

there you go

I’m not saying there SHOULD be Silmarillion movies, but if that’s their reason for not doing, they’re stupid idiots. I work in a library: do you know how many people have checked out The Hobbit and every single thing even remotely related to Tolkien? We have pop-up books, movies, behind-the-scenes books…EVERYTHING. And it’s all gone, all the time. I’m guessing a lot of kids are getting the book for Christmas this year.
Look, money isn’t the only reason to do something, but the movies make the books seem accessible. The movies make the books KNOWN. And if another generation falls in love with Tolkien’s universe because of these movies, then who cares if they didn’t tell the story EXACTLY right?

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