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20 Dec 2012

Just So.: FYI


I saw some complaining about lines at the USPS, so I thought I would share this:

You can print postage from and schedule a pick up for a package. You leave instructions for where it will be. You can add pretty much any service as well. You just print off the label and pay online. You just have to know the dimensions of your box and how much it weighs.

If you don’t know that, use a flat rate box. If it fits in the box, it will ship for a flat rate, no matter how heavy. And they are Priority Mail class, so it will usually be at your destination in 3 days.

If you don’t have flat rate boxes, you can order them on and your carrier will drop them off with your mail, usually the next day. You can also order stamps this way.

Too many people pay WAY more for FedEx and UPS just because they don’t want to go to the post office. You can ship pretty much anything without ever stepping foot into one now.

I would call this a shameless plug, but the USPS is the second largest employer in the US (behind Wal-Mart) and the largest unionized employer. It also employs over 130,000 veterans and 40,000 disabled veterans. It is supported SOLELY on postage and fees and receives ZERO tax dollars. I think it is a worthy cause, and not just because I work there. 

If you’re procrastinating, the USPS website says you can still ship Priority by tomorrow to have it there by Christmas.

All the mail delivery service guys deserve love this season. It’s a hard and mostly thankless job.

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