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15 Feb 2013







Every woman has mastered this. We are actually born with this skill.

You level up when you can do it with long sleeves

double points through layers

Yeah…but when you can put one on under your shirt, you win at life. 

*can do that*

Taking the bra off with one hand.

I laugh at my sexual partners who have to fiddle with the bra and are trying to be suave and undo it with one hand (but usually can’t)…. I mean really… It’s not some accomplishment that you can (read: usually can’t) do it… I’ve been doing it since I was 13. It’s not impressive.

Essential dancer skill right here.

I have been with one guy who can do undo a bra one handed, and I’m positive it’s because he’s an actor and hence wears costumes often and hence knows how hooks and eyes work. But everyone else, I take the thing off myself because otherwise I’ll sit there for 30 seconds while they mess around and in that situation I really do not have the patience for that nonsense.

Bras are small potatoes. Brag when you can take off a swimsuit from under your clothes. Or take a SHIRT off from under another shirt. Bonus if you can put the under layer back on without removing the top layer. Double bonus if the top layer is woven. Accept your Ph. D if you can do it in a ski lodge or a ski boat full of horny teenage guys without any of them noticing.

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